Why did we create IT Soccer League?

By Branislava Milosavljevic on 2015-08-20

Eton Digital

It seems that, once again, hot topics in IT are corporate culture and team building. In the light of that growing interest on how companies do team building, we are going to share how we are doing it, and perhaps inspire you to do similar activities.

So how do we do it? We play soccer, that’s how.

The idea to start an IT Soccer league was born when we decided to gather football-loving IT employees from different companies to both spend time enjoying playing the game and get to know each other, build relationships, grow networks.

We started gathering people we know who love the game, with whom we already played soccer, but we started talking about organizing a professional contest. So, we talked to people from other companies, with friends, and acquaintances, and gathered 10 representatives from other IT companies who welcomed our idea.

Only when we started with formal meetings had we realized the challenges we would have to face regarding organization. From the number of people who would play, the system of game, scoring, dresses, to judges, weather conditions, venue, investment, medals and trophies, it was a long list, but we managed to agree and make a compromise with everyone.

As the league was about to start, excitement was growing and just before it started we realized we could bring new meaning to the idea itself, to include those who would most certainly embrace the idea wholeheartedly.

We played our first game

In September, we played our first game with children from Children’s village (children without parental care) in Sremska Kamenica, nearby Novi Sad, in which the children won (of course). We had great support and response from everybody included in the organization of the tournament and all our employees. That game was one of the best games we played.

f1-52-e14158397212991.jpg  f1-107-e14158397032101.jpg

The league gathered ten IT companies, but we are hoping to include more next year. We have successfully finished the first half season, and last Tuesday we played the first game in the IT soccer cup.

The idea of playing football brought community building, experience exchange, and building relationships on macro level, while for us, we empower our team building, motivation and personal development, and last but not least, stress release.

We managed to create an environment that is friendly, exciting and positive, to share experience and build new relationships. We grew into a bigger family.

We hope our experience will help you plan your future team building events.

More about the IT Soccer League and following games, you can find on our Facebook page.



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